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We recently had the chance to chat with Mike Coulson and Miho Watanabe, the creators of Cambria-based Baceae Chocolates; a line of beautifully handcrafted cbd chocolates that have quickly become one of our best sellers here in the shop. These delectable treats are created by hand with a combination of high quality organic, fair trade and sustainable ingredients that impart all the benefits of cbd with zero psychoactive effects. Mike and Miho were extremely generous about sharing their vast knowledge of CBD edibles and have answered an extensive list of questions we have been wondering about. Let's dive in to the wonderful world of CBD edibles!

What is Baceae's main mission as a company?

With each edible we craft, we hope to eliminate any preconceived notions, fear or stigma about cannabis edibles. We want them them to be approachable to all users regardless of experience or life styles, whether they are long time cannabis aficionados or completely new to the extraordinary power of the cannabis plant.

What is the main function of CBD chocolates as compared to those with THC? Some of our customers are still a little concerned about getting high.

Cannabidiol (cbd) is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. It is one of over 113 cannabinoids that exists inside this incredible plant. Unlike the more famous cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (thc), cbd is completely non-psychoactive.  

As humans, we have our own endocannabinoid system of cell receptors located throughout our bodies. These cannabinoid receptors are part of a vast network responsible for a variety of physiological functions including our appetite, pain-sensation, motor control, immune function, reproduction, sleep, bone development, mood, and memory. A cannabinoid is a class of diverse compounds that acts on these cannabinoid receptors to alter neurotransmitters throughout the brain & body. Some describe the ecs as the greatest neurotransmitter system in the body, as it lends a hand in seemingly just about everything related to our health and well-being.

There are two primary endocannabinoid receptors in this system, called cb1 and cb2. cb1 receptors are found predominantly in the brain and nervous system, as well as in peripheral organs and tissues, and are the main target of one of our naturally produced endocannabinoid, anandamide, aka the "bliss" molecule. Anandamide's mirrored phytocannabinoid (plant based cannabinoid) is the more famous thc. So, essentially, we already create a thc-like cannabinoid that regulates our systems throughout the day.  

Anandamide, is responsible for the regulation of appetite, pleasure, pain regulation and sleep patterns. Anandamide targets cb1 receptors in order to balance these systems as well as our overall health. So while cb1 receptors are the target for anandamide, cbd interacts with it in a different way.

Cbd is so special because it is polypharmacological, meaning that it can affect multiple different pathways in the body at once and helps to promote a healthy, functioning endocanabinoid system. It is unique because it doesn’t bind directly to receptors the way anandamide (or thc) does. rather, it binds to the surrounding sites on the receptor enhancing the binding abilities of the CB1 receptor and slowing down the breakdown of our naturally made endocannabinoids, like anandamide. And at the same time, if you do take cbd with thc, it actually decreases or eliminates the psychoactive effects one would normally get from thc. Some actually call it a sobriety tool for thc!

It may seem unbelievable that cbd can help for so many different needs but it is simply enhancing our bodies natural processes of balancing our natural system. For many people, it helps their body relax and with that, allows all the peaceful feelings that come with a relaxed body. For some people this may feel like a "high," but really their body is finally feeling balanced and relieved. For others, cbd makes them more creative, or focuses their mind, improves their mood or simply helps them get to sleep. We always say: cbd gives you what you really need.

Along with humans, every mammal, bird, reptile, and fish has an endocannabinoid system that naturally produces cannabinoids in the body that are enhanced by cbd.

The cbd we use is derived from industrial hemp strains from Colorado, which is the only type of cannabis plant that is state and federally recognized as legal. A common misconception is that hemp and cannabis are different, when hemp is simply bred to have a thicker stalk for industrial purposes and contains no or very little thc. When the thc is bred out, other cannabinoids increase and that's why cbd becomes the main cannabinoid in hemp. The cbd we use is 99.9% cbd, with the other .01% being CBN and CBDV, 2 other non psychoactive cannabinoids.

How would you compare the effects of CBD chocolates to other CBD products taken internally, like tinctures or oils?

Cannabis and people are like snowflakes; everyone experiences a different reaction to each and every type of product, method of consumption and potency. Some products will contain other cannabinoids that provide something called the "entourage effect," in which the cannabinoids work together to provide benefits and effects that differ from other products with a different mixture of cannabinoids or pure cbd. When cbd from chocolate is metabolized through digestion and the liver, the effects can actually be increased as cbd is converted into more natural metabolites that our body is used to. With tinctures, you are absorbing it generally in the mouth and it is going straight into the bloodstream, which provides a much faster onset than with edibles. For any edible, both cbd or thc, we recommend only eating 1 piece and then waiting 2 hours for the effects. The effects of a tincture are much faster, so you can gauge and adjust the experience you want a lot quicker.


Chocolate also contains compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system in a way that is similar to cbd. Both cocoa compounds and cbd interact with an enzyme known as faah, which is responsible for the breakdown of anandamide in our bodies. By blocking this enzyme, we are allowing the the amount of naturally produced anandamide in the body to increase and stay around longer, assisting in balancing our system to produce its therapeutic effects. This is why people feel relaxed when eating and sometimes can over indulge in chocolate, because it is doing some of the exact same things cbd is doing. It is a double bonus!

Are there any particular resources you recommend for personal research on CBD: its physical effects, different types of formulations/applications, legality, etc?

Project CBD is by far the best site we’ve come across. They are a California-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical uses of cannabidiol (cbd) and other components of the cannabis plant. Tons of articles, guides, legalities and they even break down ailments that cbd has been scientifically researched to work with and benefit. They are focused on the research, which we love. Whenever someone asks us if cbd helps with a specific issue, we go to this site first and see what research has been done and send them a link so they can begin their own research.

What are the expected effects of Baceae’s 10mg chocolates?

General wellness - we know that’s vague but that's the best way we can describe it. It doesn't get you high like thc, but it simply makes you feel good all around, because it gives you what you need. We think the best way for people to understand the effects is just to try for themselves.  

Can you tell us a little about the 40 mg Raspberry Chocolate Fudge you recently released?

Originally we chose 10 mg for our standard edible because it's not only becoming the cannabis industry standard for single serving edibles, but is also an easy way for people to adjust their potencies. Ten is easy to add and subtract! People can customize their own experience by eating more or less, depending on their goals and setting.

But since everyone is a snowflake with cannabis, for some people our 10 mg is simply not big enough of a dose to find the balance in their bodies - and they don't really want to eat 4 pieces of food in order to get a higher dose. That's why we wanted to create just as delicious and decadent an edible as our others, but with a potency that will allow higher tolerance individuals and those dealing with more serious concerns to still feel the benefits of cbd.

What is your philosophy on the way your products are crafted, i.e. how you source ingredients and/or why you’ve chosen to make each beautiful chocolate by hand?

If someone were to look at our logo, they would see three seeds under our name. These seeds include the cannabis seed, cacao seed and coconut seed because it was our intention from the beginning to always integrate these three ingredients (cannabis, chocolate, and coconut) into every edible we offer.

We believe all food, edibles included, should be made with organic ingredients that are ethically grown. We ensure our sourced ingredients are certified organic and are products of the U.S., Canada, and if grown elsewhere, fair-trade certified. When dealing with such a powerful plant as cannabis and specifically cbd, we think the surrounding ingredients that are going to contribute to your overall health and nutrition should be of the highest quality, grown ethically to support the entire process of food going from soil to your body.

We actually started doing it by hand out of new business necessity as we were starting from scratch with our company. We simply didn't have the resources for mass equipment so we started with a glass bowl, a wooden spoon and a pot. As we grew, we found that perfecting the art of working with chocolate by hand not only creates high quality and delicious food, but also creates beautiful and skillful pieces of art. Not a lot of food can be considered an art form, but we truly believe working with chocolate is.

The art of being a chocolatier is traditionally done by hand. We actually had to be more efficient with our chocolate tempering process than the true art of chocolate tempering which traditionally uses a marble countertop to temper the chocolate by hand. Master chocolatiers don’t even need a thermometer when tempering; they can simply tell when the chocolate is ready simply by the look of it!  It’s really amazing.

Have you noticed a more profound diversification in your customer/consumer base since you first started Baceae?

Oh absolutely. With each passing milestone in the legalities of cannabis, we are finding more and more people coming out of the shadows. Originally, we were focused on THC edibles as well as CBD in combination with THC. This allowed us to work with a very cannabis positive group of customers that are already sold on the idea of cannabis and have it very integrated into their lives. This also means they have their favorite products, potencies and ways to consume, which led us to have some trouble breaking into the THC market as it was already pretty saturated. Surprisingly, this market wasn't as concerned with the quality of ingredients that we pride ourselves on and seemed to rather focus on having a higher potency at the cheapest cost.

Ever since we launched our cbd-only products though, we began to find a new group of people who are looking for more than just getting high. There are also those who are completely new to cannabis and want to stick their toe into the non-psychoactive effects first. They are just interested in self betterment through the power of cannabis. They want to feel better on a daily basis, and truly that's been our goal...enhancement for our daily lives.  And when you are talking about life improvement, that really affects everyone. We believe that CBD can enhance and benefit the lives of everyone.

Have you noticed any change in attitude/perception toward CBD and cannabis in general since beginning Baceae?

Oh yes - but legalization is really doing that for us. People are ready to make cannabis a daily part of their lives just like many other helpful plants; they have just been waiting to come out of the legal shadows. Our chocolates just helps them ease into it, because there are no tools, equipment or things to get in the way from enjoying cannabis. Everyone knows how to enjoy a piece of chocolate!

How does being based in Cambria, which is such a small, inherently nature-focused and slightly remote seaside town, influence your creativity/ inspiration in all the products you offer?

Tucked away in the pine forest and being able to watch the sunset everyday fills us with gratitude and inspires us to be in the moment. When you are in the moment on a Wednesday morning, just’s such a liberating experience.

What was your initial inspiration in creating Baceae - what got you interested in cannabis edibles initially?

A lot of edibles (both thc and cbd) on the current market contain either too high or inaccurate potencies with very little nutrition that don’t allow you to function during your day to day activities. there were many times where we would nibble on an edible and soon feel the effects of an uncontrollable high, not being able to get much else done for the rest of the day. We wanted a cannabis enhanced state, without the high potency after effects, while still enjoying a full serving of a delicious and high quality ingredient snack.  

We also wanted to share the joys of cannabis in the most accessible way possible that would help new people feel comfortable consuming. We wanted something a grandmother could take and feel comfortable telling all her friends and family about.

Do both of you have a favorite CBD edible from what you currently offer?

Mike: Strawberry Bon Bon, but maybe that’s because it’s our newest! And then granola bars and Chocolate Tarts.

Miho: Probably the granola bar and the rest I love equally. I love chocolate!



Mark your calendars for March 3rd, and plan to spend an afternoon with Baceae Chocolates at Len Collective! This fun and informative event will cover even more of your CBD questions and include free samples for all guests 18 and older! Bring your friends and enjoy some delicious Baceae Chocolate edibles!
March 3rd from 1-4pm at Len Collective | 722 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo, CA

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